There is life after death!

Sister Tigno and Hughes

Monday 20th July 2015

Hello everyone!

I just got back from a hike. Which I just realized was my final big mission event so I cried but I am trying to make this informative and as quick as I can because we have a heck of a lot to do. The hike was super fun. Horses were following us to (people were riding them, they were a part of our team) you knew you were slow when the horses was behind you, one of the horses made a snorting noise right behind me and made me jump!
Funny moment this morning: so I was up at 5am to do laundry, just for today though. So I have the bathroom light on and I am just finishing breakfast. So I'm just chilling in my dressing gown and I go past the bathroom and I look in the mirror and I jump I thought "who is that bronzed babe!?" Then I was like "oh, wait! It's me!" You know you're tired when you don't recognize yourself, my tan is looking mighty fine! My white bathrobe really enhanced it!

Monday: We just played sports at the chapel and did the usual stuff. In the evening we had a family home evening with a family in the 6th Ward and for the activity we made them animal balloons. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Tuesday: it was a contacting day and have managed to set up appointments, we did service for a relief society president helping her make a wreath, I felt like one of those what I call "fancy American girls" then in the evening we stopped by the Newman's home so I could say hello to sister Newman and we had a good old chat :)

Wednesday: We were with Teri in the morning and then we had lunch with a part member family which was really good, she is from China so we got proper Chinese food, it was so worth the bike ride, my calves are starting to get big now! Then we had a lesson with our less active who is no longer less active because he just went through the temple, woohoo!! Then we did yard work in the afternoon, though we went a bit chopper happy because we took things out that shouldn't have been but we managed to save our souls! So everything was okay. Then we went to a service project where they were making dresses out of pillow cases for children in Africa which was really fun and then we had a lesson with Charles on personal revelation which was a really good lesson. He is so good he just shines!

Thursday: Happy birthday to me! So when I got out of the shower sister Tigno had made me a card and breakfast and sticky notes happy birthday on my wall. She is so cute, I love her. We were weekly planning blah blah blah but we did have a sister’s lunch because our STL wanted to meet with us all. No one knew it was my birthday because I wanted to keep it quiet but sister Tigno told them and they all sang me happy birthday. Miracle though, a man paid for our food (there was a heck of a lot of food) which I am really grateful for because it turned out that I didn't have my wallet! We had meetings and contacting for the rest of the day.

Friday: District meeting on how our iPads can hasten missionary work which was really good. Then we went out to lunch... We got covered for again, another miracle because I forgot my wallet! Heavenly Father is good. I heard Mumford & Sons "I will wait", though I felt slightly guilty this time. Then someone said "Sister Hughes, it won't be before long that you can listen to this without feeling guilty." Then we went to a member’s house to do balloons for her grand kids. Then we were just contacting for the rest of the night.

Saturday: We had a funeral. There was a lady who sang a soul version of amazing grace, it was so beautiful I cried. But the funeral was so positive and I am just so grateful to have a knowledge of the plan of salvation.  Because there is life after this, if there wasn't then what would be the point of life? Mosiah 16:7-9 is one of my favourites. Then we stopped by a less active lady and had a chat with her.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay
We hit all the sacraments and then had meetings, we had dinner with an Aussie family and they had proper roast potatoes!!!! It was the best thing ever and then we had cake and ice-dream, just how mummy Hughes
does it, I was in heaven! Then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

We have had so many miracle not just having my lunch paid for, but I am out of time.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Love you all!

Sister Hughes ❤️


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