Animal balloons, Held hostage, Hugs and Kisses!

Monday 13th July 2015

Well I am now in civilization!

So I am now serving in the East Mill Creek Stake. I cover the whole stake which is 5 wards so it's enough to keep us busy.

Monday: The day I got kicked out! So it was just packing and washing the car and stuff. Then at 4pm we went over to the Snow's and spent some time with them as well as cooking and eating dinner. Then it was saying goodbyes! So we stopped by the Goats and had root beer floats and they made me a little farewell gift which was super cute! Then we stopped by Sharon and said goodbye to her, it was so sad we were both nearly in tears and then we saw the Hamblin's quickly before coming home. It's was so sad to say goodbye to everyone but I got hugs from all my favourites so it was great.

Tuesday: Transfers! I moved to the East Mill Creek Stake and now serving with Sister Tigno who is from the Philippines and she's been out 13 months and she is super cute. So we were contacting for the rest of the night until we had Todd who is super nice and wanting to get back to the temple. It's really funny because we all get a little distracted in the lesson and then someone shouts squirrel and then we get back to topic. It's pretty funny.

The only problem with being in a new house is that I have to work out how the shower works (I still haven't gotten it down) and we have a sticky door. I have been reliving my childhood by being trapped in the bathroom. Sister Tigno always comes to my rescue, the poor girl.

Wednesday: We had a lesson with Joe, he opened the door and I said "Hey, I know you!" He is recently divorced from someone that I taught when I was in butler and I had actually spent thanks giving with him and her family how crazy is that! Then we had a lesson with Charles who is married to a member and has 1 son who just returned from his mission and a son who is still out on his mission, we had a great lesson on the commandments and Charles is making good progress.

Thursday: Planning, I won't miss this when I get home. But it was good, just blah blah blah! Then in the afternoon we saw a lady called Linda who is super cute. To me, she slightly reminds me of Eliza Dolittle when she speaks sometimes. She gave me a spontaneous birthday present which was super cute of her. Then we did a little bit of gardening I was pulling out weeds, turns out that they were herbs! Weeds and herbs shouldn't look the same. Then we had a meeting with the Ward mission leader in one of the wards and then a street party to finish off the night. We like to party!

Friday: Zone meeting! So that was good, we stopped by a guy and spoke to him about family history. Then we were just contacting.

Saturday: We did service in the morning for a lady and contacted all afternoon because our appointment fell through, then after dinner we had a lesson with Yao and Li who are from China about this plan of salvation which was good, they have a lot of questions.

Sunday: We went on splits so that we could go to all 5 wards. In one of the wards there was a homecoming which made me think "I'll be doing that in a little bit" which was strange, then after church we had a meeting then dinner and then we were contacting for the rest of the night, we stopped by a less actives home and his nephew and his non-member wife has just moved in and we have a return appointment which was a miracle and they came to the ice cream social and they had a good time!

Anyway that's been my week!

Love you all!
Sister Hughes 💗


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