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Monday 6th July 2015

Well transfers are in and I am getting kicked out of the boonies! I am only a little surprised.

My final 6 weeks, in some unknown place! Well, all will be revealed tomorrow at 2pm. Sister White told me last night that this was the final transfer call where we didn't know what would be happening, well that was weird. Sometimes I feel like such an oldy, this was one of those times.

Monday: Wow that was a strange day, I just cleared out my stuff really. Then we were at the Hamblin's and then we were contacting for the rest of the night because our appointments cancelled.

Tuesday: we did a little bit of service at the Brigg's we didn't pack anything because Gray was sleeping and Urijah didn't want to go play at the Erikson house, I love how honest little kids are. "Do you want to go play with Carter? No." It was the funniest thing.

Then after lunch we had a lesson with Alexis, we taught the restoration which went well and she wants to get baptized which is wonderful. Then we had a lesson with the Tanners On the plan of Salvation then after that we did some contacting.

Then it was dinner time and we didn't have a dinner so we decided to go to the diner. Whilst waiting for our food Mumford & Sons "I will wait" came on, thank you Heavenly Father! You really know how to make me happy, Sister White and I found it quite comical that this happened last week. Once we got our food we decided to take a 20 minute road trip to a massive hill that looks out over Robertson and had our dinner out in the country over a beautiful view, it was beautiful. It was the
most spontaneous thing I have done on my mission! Then because we had 200 miles to burn we decided to drive ourselves to lone tree (25miles away) to see some people there, then we went home.

Wednesday: Service at the Brigg's in the morning and it was a day of contacting and nobody being home, which was a little tough but we got through it!:) We went over to the Snows for dinner which was super fun
because they were with their neighbours so I was with all my favourites which was the best thing ever.

Thursday: Weekly planning blah blah blah, we had lunch at the Snow's. Then we had a lesson with the Tanner on the gospel of Jesus Christ which we related to video games which went well. I love how you can
relate anything to the gospel. #Skills then our whole evening cancelled so we were contacting....again.

Friday: District Meeting! On how we can help our people that we teach be more Christ-like. Then we did a little contacting then we saw the Brook's. Then after dinner we had a lesson with the Coles went good
and they said that they would be at church on Sunday woohoo then we had a meeting with Ward missionaries and then we were contacting ....Again.

Saturday: 4th of July! We went to the parade. Sister White and I were talking to the Goates and this random man comes up to us and pinches sister White and says "we need to talk" it was so crazy because we didn't know who on earth he was, I won't lie I was preparing myself to be bashed at....turns out to be the Cole’s Grandad! He was hilarious! The we were stopping by everyone and joining them on the festivities, no comments about being English! #Winner

Sunday: Church! We had 4 people at church which was amazing! And JD Cole got up and bore his testimony even though he wasn't a member. He asked me what a testimony was and then he said that he wanted to go up and bare his, ski helped him a little bit but it was so cool.

But it got me thinking - what is s testimony? Things that we know to be true:

I know that God live
Jesus is the Living Christ
Joseph Smith is a prophet
The Book of Mormon is the word of God
And that Families are forever

Hope you're having a great week!

Love Sister Hughes


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