"She swallowed a mozie, she must be aussie"

Monday 22 September

So my companion is called Sister Knight and she is from Melbourne Australia

"We are like the same person, we have the same Queen and everything!"

She has understood me like no American has. We are besties. I call her the dark knight

We pointed out that half of the district is under the rule of Queen Lizzie so the Americans better watch out hahahah (One of the elders is from Canada)

This past week has been AMAZING. The work is very slow, but we had some priceless experiences. Teaching by the spirit has something that I really learnt.

Monday: P-day, so packing and sports activity I think.

Evening- We were stopping by one of our ward mission leaders house for Sister Nelson to say goodbye and hand him some papers. A couple of men were out just chatting and they said hi to us. We went over to continue the conversation 2 active members and one less active. Alex and Taylor were cousins, they are in their late 30s and the active one was joking around about the less active one meeting with us. We set up an appointment but Taylor wasn't the most excited in the world. We then went on with saying goodbye to people for Sister Nelson
Tuesday: Transfers!

So in the morning was moving houses, oh my word that was fun...

The move was long. We had to move everything! I cannot wait until the day I move into a house and stay there for years!

The new flat is great, we have a cat called Alex and she looks like a lion.

Transfers, picked up Sister Knight and then we headed off to dinner and then correlation!

Wed: We had a luau hosted by one of our inactive families (The Barawis' & Jaeger) that we are working with, it was amazing and there was a great turn out with non-members too. They had the hakka and everything!!!! and a pig! ...sorry babe

Thursday: Weekly, without the Westenskows. They are on vacation. We miss them terribly.
Evening- it was beautiful. We had our appointment with The Cousins and it was such an amazing lesson. We just got to know them both and we asked about their missions. This really meant a lot to the less active, you could tell his mission meant a lot to him. Then we tied it into prayer and I asked 'How many times on your mission did you tell the people that you were teaching that Heavenly Father answers prayers?" and I told them that it still meant the same thing for them. He got tears in his eyes. You could feel the spirit so strong.

Friday: District meeting and a lot of active member lessons

Saturday: So we made cupcakes in the morning and delivered them to the people that we are working with who are having a hard time. We also went by Taylor's because at the end of our last lesson Taylor said to Andrew "where are the cupcakes" So we were joking around that that was the reason why he came haha so we went round and gave him the cupcakes that Andrew failed to deliver! He was really touched. He is such a great guy.

Saturday: Active members and asking for referrals

Sunday: We went to the Ogden Temple dedication held at the stake centre. We sat with the Stevens and it was such a wonderful experience. President Monson said

"Love the Temple
Appreciate the Temple
Attend the Temple"

Which I thought was really nice

Then we contacted some of the names that we had received.

We have had a lot of active member lessons this week, but we are changing that by meeting people who have already met with missionaries and stopped being taught by them.

2 Nephi 5 talks about 5 ways that we can be happy, it's a good read!

Love you all

Sister Hughes xx



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