Monday 6 October

HAPPY 8 MONTHS TO ME! Time is flying, I LOVE being a missionary.

Monday: P-day
The usual and then sports at the chapel. We were playing basketball; I have been practising my skills so when I get home I will be a professional.

Then in the evening we had a lesson with a sister missionary referral. (someone who requests sisters) and it was really good. What we like to do the first time that we meet someone is just to get to know them and see what they want to get out from meeting with us. VERY good lesson and meeting :) Tiffany is recently married to an RM and they're having a baby due on 24th Dec! SO exciting in the house.

Tuesday: We had interviews with President which were really good. I love my interviews with President. Then we have been going through the part member lists for our wards. After dinner we had a lesson with, our less active member who is coming back to church. She is so amazing. She really is turning her life around.

Then we stopped by one of our investigators who turns out that she is having a hard time which is really sad.
Wednesday: So we were supposed to have a lesson with one of our less actives but it turns out that she wasn't there so we met with her mother instead. Then we had a sisters’ lunch at Zupas (sooo good) and had a meeting at the same time. Next we met with a member’s husband who is very very sick and about to die. Then we helped one of the seminary teacher’s talk to students that aren't enrolled in seminary.

Thursday: It was weekly planning and with the Westenskow's then lunch with them and the elders. Then Sister Knight had a Sister Training Leader meeting with Sister Eberhardt at the office so we went there and I got to see Sister Nelson which was lovely! Then we were just trying people who we have been wanting to meet with for a while. We stopped by our Inactive- Returned Missionary and invited him to conference at his cousins AND HE SAID YES!!! I almost fell over. (unfortunately  it didn't work out but at least he was willing)

Friday: We had district meeting in the morning and I gave a training on how to keep people on their baptismal dates which really was all about keeping commitments which went really well. Then we had lunch...at Zupas. You know it's bad when they say "weren't you in here the other day?" but it is so good. Everyone is so happy it is like the celestial kingdom! After Lunch we went back to the church to watch the new movie "Meet the Mormon's" it is sooo good! deffs recommend to go and see and take a friend. Then we had a correlation with one of our ward mission leaders and stopped by formers. Also, we made cupcakes for all our ward mission leaders with a post it note that said "it's a treat to work with you" We have never baked so much in our lives, it’s fun but sometimes we feel like we are running a baking business. Great British Bake Off I'm coming for you.

Saturday: Conference!
morning: 88,000 missionaries worldwide <-- woohoo!

"remember which way you face" - Elder. Robbins

I loved the native speakers.  For those that  it was their native language I think that would have been very special for them
Pres.Utchdorf - "if you do your part, it will come and it will be GLORIOUS"

that man is the bomb.com i LOVE him.

Afternoon, we took a less active member.
I loved Elder Callister's talk

Jorg Klebingat - he was hilarious, plain and straight just how we like it

loved Elder Holland

Sunday: almost had to drive downtown salt lake to go to conference! but fortunately we found a ride
Morning: loved Elder Ballard's "STAY IN THE BOAT"

and Richard G Scotts family is important!

Sunday afternoon (if it’s your final session before you go home then you get to go with your companion by yourselves.)

I can't remember but it was a good session and I really liked Elder Bednar's talk!

Hope you are all well and have a great week

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx


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