I'm so busy my head is spinning!

Monday 1 September
So this week has been a crazy week.

We are currently working with a family, the parents are less active but their children want to get baptized! And another one of our families is doing great.

Monday: P-day, sports at the chapel

Tuesday: We had to say goodbye to Joowon who goes back to Korea, she was only on vacation for 3 months. But she knows that the church is true, she is going to talk to her husband about the church.

Wednesday: Just a normal day. We have a lady in our ward who is fighting cancer so we went over to her house for dinner. We cooked the dinner for her and we ate it with her and her husband. It was such a nice time! Then we went to the youth activity which was a water balloon fight which was super fun...I was a prime target for a lot of people. The funnier thing was that we had an appointment afterwards... we did a really good job of drying off without a towel, we didn't look that bad when we got to our appointment... thank goodness!

Thursday: WEEKLY PLANNING.... it's a love/hate relationship. Then we planned with the Westenskow's who are our senior couple that we work with and had lunch with them. Sister Westenskow is the best cook, she fixed my skirt that got a hole and gave us Lindt chocolate, she is one of my most favourite people in the world.

Friday: District meeting was good. We helped a sick member clean her house. We have a set of parents that want us to teach their 8 year old which is going well. We also saw lots of people in one of our neighbourhoods doing yard work and filling up lots of skips! So we helped out with that.

Saturday: We helped 2 families to swap houses... it got a little confusing as to who's was what but we got there in the end. There were 6 missionaries and we all had fun.

Sunday: Church! So we spent sacrament in 17th ward and then we taught joint Priesthood and Relief Society about member missionary work in Old Mill. We took a lot of our lesson from "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" it is such a good book. Then we came into AppleValley Sacrament meeting right at the end and then stayed there for Sunday school and Joint Relief Society and Priesthood. We didn't manage to get up to Brighton Point because it is a little far and we were low on miles.

So that was my week!

This morning we were helping out Brighton Point for their Labour Day breakfast which was fun. We were serving Hashbrowns (not the english ones) Pancakes, Sausage and eggs. It was great we had so much fun! At the start of the breakfast they said their pledge of allegiance ... I didn't really know what was going on so I just copied everyone else by having my hand over my heart and staring at my companion for her to show me the way. She found this hilarious and all she said to me was "British probs" hahaha

I am having a great week, being kept really busy!

One of my favourite scriptures is Mosiah 3:20

"And moreover, I say unto you, that the time shall come when the knowledge of a Savior shall spread throughout every nation, kindred, tongue and people."

The Lord is hastening His work and as Missionaries & Members of the church work together in spreading this wonderful message of Jesus Christ we will be able to bring about this prophecy!

Have a great week everyone!


Sister Leah Hughes xxx


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