"And I'm freeeee, free fallin'"

Monday 8th September

Oh my word life is just getting ridiculously crazy. It’s week 6 already!!

We are teaching 9 people which is fabulous!

Okay, the break down:

Monday, Tuesday - happy day, Wednesday, Thursday, happy day ... hahahaha jokes, but seriously though.

Monday: So we started off the day with attending the Brighton Point's Labour day breakfast. They started with their pledge of allegiance so I was lost and felt awkward. We were right next to Bishop Workis who was doing the eggs on a wok, we said "You're working the wok Bishop" Well he replied

"You've gotta talk the talk and wok the wok" it was really funny.

 P-day antics. We exceeded our zone goal of 10 baptisms by 2 in the month of august. So we had a party :)

Tuesday: We met with a couple of members who are less active and had read some chapters of the Book of Mormon with them.

Wednesday: Oh my word, what a morning!  So we had just met with one of our ward mission leaders and we were walking back to the car. His drive and the path aren't even... so I face planted it... my guardian angel was either on vacation or on her lunch break. It was a smack so loud that our ward mission leader came running out and said "I heard that, are you okay?" He heard it from behind his closed door, how embarrassing! I was totally fine, only a few minor scratches. The only thing that was severely hurt was my pride. I got up brushed myself down walked to the car and drove off... with my companion. No tears no nothing.

You can just call me Calamity Jane.

Later that afternoon we had a lesson with a less active member  who is partially blind so we went up to the big cottonwood canyon for a picnic with the Westenskow's. Sister Westenskow packed up the most delicious lunch and it was a grand old time! I felt like I was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when they all go off for a picnic to the beach!

That evening a miracle happened. We had a text to our phone telling us to go and see someone who wasn't a member of the church (it was a missionary referral) So we went there and knocked a man opened the door, we asked if the A was there. He said she wasn't but she will be back in the evening, "but she'll say no to you guys."  We told him that was fine and left. We went back later and she answered the door she let us in but said we weren't going to baptize her. We told her that was fine and we spoke to her. She asked us questions about our upbringing in the church and other things but she kept saying that we weren't going to get any brownie points because we weren't going to baptize her. I told her that's not why we are here; we are here to bring people closer to Jesus Christ that's what our "brownie points" were. Baptisms don't really mean that much. We weren't here to baptize the whole of Utah, we are here because we love the gospel and want to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. She was very touched with what was said and that we weren't just here to baptize her. She got emotional... she has a 20 year old son and said "everyone should go on a mission" we were both like amen! hahaha and we hadn't even mentioned about giving her the lessons but she said 'I want to take the lessons from you guys" I wanted to cry. I love this woman so much. It was definitely a miracle. I cannot wait to see her on Wednesday.

Thursday: Weekly Planning and had lunch with the Westenskow's and the Elders. We had an active member lesson with someone in the Old Mill ward which went well. We taught Preston who is 8, his parents requested him to be taught by us because he wasn't sure of the whole thing. But he wants to be baptized so woohooo! He told us that he prayed about it and it is what God wants him to do! He is hilarious we ended teaching him the commandments and we were leaving and he says "See ya later girlfriend" I just about died laughing. Then we went to a stake conference singing practice!

Friday: Zone Meeting which was amazing!

We spoke about the goals that we wanted for the month of September. And then we had an AA meeting and everyone had to get up and say
"Hi, I'm Sister/Elder and I have a problem. I'm scared to invite people to be baptized....(and then a reason)" It was really good and funny too, we had to stand on a podium. Then I was picked on to do a role-play with my Zone Leader, Elder Jarvis and I had to get him to say yes to baptism. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack, I was so so scared but it went really well. Then we were helping hand out flyers for the cub scout activity on Saturday.

Saturday: We had service! We had a lesson with a recent convert who is 11 and then we had dinner then stake conference! Sister Nelson had to speak and she did the best job, PROUD COMPANION!

Sunday: Oh my word this threw me off! Only 2 hours of church, no meetings and actually had time to study. It was strange. Stake conference was really good. The theme was the atonement. The was a lady who was less active speaking and her non-member husband came. She said "James, you are the most handsome man in a suit" She is a cancer survivor and a lot of the congregation were in tears.

So this is my week!

Thank you so much for the package... it's waiting at the office. I am almost too excited to sleep! It will arrive, otherwise i will hunt my ZLs down

I love YOU beyond measure.

Can you believe I’m almost half way?

I don’t want to leave

Time flies

See you in what will feel like tomorrow but will be actually next week

Keep it real

Keep it Righteous

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

Sister Hughes & Nelson: Taking on the world one soul at a time


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