First week in SLC!

Monday 24 February 2014

My flight the other week from Minneapolis slc was 2:15 hrs so it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t get a window seat but I chatted to the guy next to me, he was nice. Though I swear I saw duff from charm city cakes on that flight!

So last week I trained it to Salt Lake from the MTC. We got on the bus at 6.30am - I was up at four to finish the packing. The elders were too can imagine it!

We got on the train and the person said to us "you have 30 seconds to get off so you better be quick" and I had a thought because I’m not good at maths but I know that 30 seconds is not enough time to get 17 missionaries and their luggage off! But oh well I just went along with it and when our stop came it was crazy almost throwing cases onto the platform, I EVEN HAVE A BRUISE ON MY LEG!! so that was crazy and when the train left I said "wow, that was the longest 30 seconds of my life" then an Elder said to me "someone told them that we were on and had the train wait for us"

So that was wild and then we were in new missionary meetings from 9.00am till around 3. The Eberhardts are the nicest people I know and the other brothers and sisters are amazing, they just love the missionaries. There was one guy that looked sounded like the big man from the duo penne and teller!

I HAVE MET ELDER GRAYDON, I LOVE his accent. It's just like mine!

My trainer is Sister Joanne Kent, we met before the field through facebook. I also met Sister Efnor (visitors centre) in the MTC hahah Sister Kent and I get on like a house on fire!

There are four sisters in our house, they are Spanish speaking and lovely! Our apartment is good, missionary standard.

There are 10 languages in our mission that doesn’t count Spanish and English, so crazy!

Be amazing the mother I know you are and send me letters, my flat is:

4070 S 862 E
Salt Lake City
UT #44

The Americans are weird, their addresses are to do with the grid system or something...

I’ll have to take pictures of the flat but I have lots of photos and selfies!

The week is going okay. It was so hard saying goodbye to my zone at the mtc. I honestly left with a broken heart. It felt like I had broken up with a boyfriend!!

We have a car - Sis Kent is injured so we have wheels! I was asked if I wanted to take a test etc, on Tuesday but I declined and said I wanted to be in the country for longer. Plus I want the exercise, they feed well over here! Normally we would be walking, our area is tiny! There isn’t much snow, there’s some on the mountains though. I can walk around in a shirt sometimes! :)

So we have a golden investigator called Ramesh. He's from India and he’s amazing. We invited him to be baptized ONCE HE KNEW THE GOSPEL WAS TRUE and he said YES! Though he wants to take a couple of months. But he said he meets with us for a reason and he just is eager to learn, he’s amazing and so kind.


I’m in the building where John Bytheway is bishop! (for real) I’m practically living in hollywood for the church. President Monson is 10 mins away and the General Authorities just turn up to things! (President Utchdorf is known for this habit)

On the 10th the whole mission is going to SLC temple for a session, super excited.

I am so loved and looked after here momma you were right! I have dinner at a different member’s house each night. I am over 4 wards and was at church on Sunday from 7:30 to 5, its like a full time job! but a good one. Our wards are Winder (?) 1st 3rd 7th and 13th.  I was at church at 7:30am for mission prep with one of the members (we were at his house for dinner my 2nd day) and he was just saying how awesome me and Sister Kent were... I almost cried!


The mountains are so beautiful here, Elder Newman never mentioned that part!  haha I’m in the granite zone,  I have no idea where it is (murray area on the map?) The district and zone leaders are great!
 Yes, the people are amazing... im just waiting for it to get hard now... :( because missions aren’t all hunky-dory but the people are lovely. I’m off to the temple square on Wednesday with a less active who’s been coming to church which is nice. I’m working a lot with less actives and it’s all so great :)

A cd with efy songs would be amazing! We only have one cd which is motab Christmas songs... its Christmas all year round in Utah! #missionaryproblems

Though it has one song from les mis, bring him home so we have that on repeat hahaha. I need a cable, I forgot at the mtc,  some photos would be amazing.

Need to go now. Off for a zone activity.

It was great wearing jeans today J

Just a reminder, please can all packages be sent to the mission office because my post-box for the flat is super tiny!

I was having a little nap (don’t worry it is allowed) and the thought popped into my head you would try sending the package to the flat! We have people regularly check the mission office :)

After we last spoke earlier we went to a zone activity afterwards and played a form of dodgeball :) now it’s a quick email and print off my blessing and off for fhe with the Hola family, they are from Tonga.. less active. They are lovely.

Tomorrow there is a massive meeting for new missionaries and trainers in the morning, should be good!

If you reply I will get it next week because I’m off now!

Love you all so much,
Sister Hughes



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