Arrival in The West!


It was a long week, it feels soooo good to be in Jeans

My flight went really well, couldn’t have been smoother. You will love my flight journal entry, it is detailed, I will have to send a picture of it. I got in at Salt Lake found my carousel to pick up my bags and happen to stand next to a member and we were chatting and it turns out the she was picking up missionaries going to my mission! So I met those elders but only one of them turned out to be going to my mission: Elder Seymour. Both of the Elders were from New Zealand, they’re great  :) I have seen Elder Gaunt, Sister Fewster, and Sister Ordanal and it has been so cool!

Having Michelle and Desiree meet me at the airport WAS THE BEST THING EVER we had a great time hanging out  Ilove those girls!! Sister Doying is great at dear eldering me : D

I slightly feel like that I am at efy and I am going home after 2 weeks….

Everyone is super friendly, I love it, but I actually scare myself each morning because I look terrible. Make up is a beautiful thing. My companion is great Sis White, she reminds me of you she is like the biggest sweetheart. She is wonderful she likes her order and things to be exactly and stuff, she is so strong with her testimony and knows so much! She puts me to shame with my knowledge haha she reminds me so much of you, she loves a plan!!!!  I would be lost sometimes without her.

Me,  Sis White and Sis Carlson are all going to slc east . Sister Carlson’s dad sent a cakepop package and one night we were all eating cake pops SOO GOOD

I LOVE MY DISTRICT, the girls are so wonderful we all get a long really well.  I love our room, as the days go on we are getting closer, we all eat together and that sort of thing. One of the girls had straighteners.... my new bestfriend hahaha. We have had some serious bonding :) We all pray together before we go to sleep, it’s sad that I am not going to bring all of them on my mission. Our district is becoming closer, not as close to the elders yet.  We don’t see them a lot because they aren’t in our class. We are going to work on it though, especially when the newbies come... we are their home from home!
Everyone loves my accent hahah! I get slightly confused when I’m talking to people from NZ or Auz I’m like 'you’re well-spoken and not american’ then in find out that they’re not. Though I found an elder from London, only met once though.

It has been a shower full of information. I found the first few days have been tough but I’m  okay now. Our president is great, he always writes 'President Wenn loves you' on our class whiteboard. Our teachers are great, we’ve been doing role plays and teaching our teachers as if they were investigators (they would play someone they taught on their mission) Brian has committed to being baptised! He’s great, it helps that he has a mormon girlfriend. We had our first TRC yesterday and that went well, we taught about how she was a daughter of God and how he loves her. She found it slightly difficult to understand but we told her to pray. We are meeting with her tomorrow. Patty is a sweet old lady, we actually saw her on the way to the laundry. She has a son in LEEDS!!!!! which I was like NO WAY.

'Exercise is to relax you and put a smiler on your kisser' the doctor for the mtc is hilarious and that line is so true. I’m just about managing, though i look like a monster on a morning. Going to the gym is great is a nice change from being in a class room all the time. Me and the elliptical is ma bez. I am way much better than I think I am... though I do have a red face when I do go. I’m slightly tired all the time but I am coping, I PRAY FOR STRENGTH.

At last Tuesday’s devotional we had Elder Evans, and we had Elder Allen on Sunday. Rumour has it that Elder Holland's coming tonight... my prayers are hoping it is.. I’m leaving next week! Super crazy... I’m rubbish with my journal but hopefully that will get up to speed with that.
Sunday it was church and we all had to prepare a talk on faith and we had to turn up and find out if we were speaking when they were announcing the meeting (nothing like the element of surprise)
Then we had a broadcast called music of the spoken word then it was Relief which was good and then in the afternoon Elder Evans spoke to us. He is HILARIOUS he’s a fave. Wish I had my notes to tell more but I don’t.

Also on Sunday we had a broadcast from Elder Bednar on the character of Christ! it is only shown in the mtc . It was great imagine Elder Bednar doing a cookie monster impression so hilarious!
It is funny, Elder Gaunt has finally gotten used to using Sister Hughes hahah. He has called me Leah for a couple of times, it’s cool though.

My camera is always with me! There are lots of pictures with me on! you should see me with my first lot dear elders, I look nice with lots of mail! No picture of my badge with the newbie sticker on I’m afraid, everyone says welcome to the mtc when you wear it hahaha. Though I have a special picture of a badge that you need to send to Vanessa, I instantly thought of her when I saw it.
Please thank everyone on facebook for all their dear elders, I have felt so loved!
Lorns from work emailed me which was super nice! im excited to hear about her holiday in the land down under!

Oh forgot to say I am a Sister Training Leader!  I get to help out the newbies, we’re getting a set of Sisters in tomorrow and four Elders. We’re going to plan getting to know you’s and stuff tonight with the ZLs.

Had a pulled pork salad today, wasn’t as lush as yours though.. they served cold rice!!! weirdos

Thank you for everything that you have done for me, I’m starting to realise how much you all did for me.

I actually didn’t try calling Sunday... I got too busy. but I didn’t bother calling Monday because I was emailing today. I will see if I can call before I leave for the field.... might hear from me next week, I’m not sure with it being a Tuesday.....

Iexpect dearelders from you all soon!!! I expect dearelders from you all soon!!!

Keeping it real and keeping it British


Sister Hughes



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