"It's the final countdown!"

There are some things that have to be said in song like "Jason Derulo" and "it's the final countdown" is another one of them. So it's the end of the week which means I have only have 3 shifts at work, this is crazy. For the past two and a half years I have been working for Next on the Men's department. I honestly can't believe that there is an end to my job! My time there has really flown by, it feels like the other month I just started at Next and starred in my own version of an episode of "New Girl". Though it is nice when we have new starters and I get to show them the ropes because it reminds me how far I have come in the 2 and a half years that I have been there. I started working at Next after I had finished my ICT Diploma at the age of 16, very young, shy and insecure in my first ever job. Now, I am leaving at 19 and a half (the half is very important) still young but with more confidence. So confident I'm flying on an aeroplane to tell the people in Utah and Wyoming about the gospel of Jesus Christ :)

This week I have had so many questions about when I am leaving, it's really strange! Before I had decided to go on a mission I was just working, not knowing what I wanted to do for a career. I knew I didn't want to work in retail for the rest of my days but knowing what I wanted to do I wasn't quite sure. Now to think that this chapter of my life is closing is hard to think about! My colleagues on Men's wear have been counting down the days until my mission with me since it was like 80 something days, now we're working out when our last shift will be together. It's a little sad really because they're great people and they have helped me to grow and even though they're all not members they have all been supportive of my decision which has meant a lot :) 

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each and everyone of us, so I believe that everything happens for a reason. I know that being at Next will help me as a missionary, working with lots of people on a daily basis with different situations will prepare me for what's going to come when I've crossed the pond and be walking on American soil.

Now it's time for the cheese, I know I haven't left yet and I am in my final week, I just want to thank everyone that I have worked with who have helped me grow in the Company, but also help me gain confidence in myself. When I'm back I'll have to pop in and say hello to you all and give a brief description of the best 18 months of my life.

But for now (from Friday onwards) as it's put in The Sound of Music..So long, Farewell.


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