Y'know you're good friends when you share food.

Monday 23 February 2015 

Wow, how this week has flown by. I genuinely feel like it was yesterday that I was emailing.

Monday: We went to a park in my old area and we played kickball for a good couple of hours! It was so much fun :D Though Sister Owens and I were so sore the next day and maybe for the rest of the week... We haven't run around like that since we were in school! haha

In the evening we had a lesson with our recent converts, the Hamilton family. We love them and we were teaching the 10 commandments. We are seeing them again tonight. Right after that we had an active member lesson with the Goodman's in the 3rd ward. They are really funny.

Tuesday: We went and did some service in the 9th ward. Then we had lunch with Sister LeRoy, then we had an active member lesson in the 5th ward. Then we were just contacting until dinner.  Then we had a lesson with our investigator Elijah and his family and we spoke about the armour of God, it went really well. Then our final appointment of the night was with the Knox family, they are a part member family. We spoke about the plan of salvation and we invited them to not only pray as a couple daily but to pray and ask if this is all true. They said they would so we will see with what will happen. It was a great lesson, it was mainly a discussion and you could tell that the husband had a really strong believe in God.

Wednesday: So in the morning we went to a member's home and dropped some things off. Then we called Elder Kirsi and update him on missionary things. After lunch we went over to the Whichaskoller home to help her clear it out since her mother has passed away. Then we did some service for the Elders, we were painting the fence. The weather was slightly warm! it was so nice! Then we had a lesson with Miley on the plan of Salvation. After dinner we went out with our 3rd ward Relief Society President for the first time ever which was really good, she really liked the visit. Then we had an active member lesson that our 8th ward mission leader set up.

Thursday: Weekly... blahblahblah
We then had a lesson with Bro.Barber a less active in the 7th ward. His Home Teachers came and it was an amazing discussion and Sister Anderson gave the most beautiful commitment to pray and ask if the restoration really happened. Those lessons are always just so good! Then we went out with Sister Hanks our 5th ward relief society president, she is so lovely! After dinner we had to go on splits because we had 2 lessons going on at the same time. I went to see China and Mesha in the 8th ward. They are really awesome, Mesha is 13 and not baptized and her mum was baptized 10 years ago but she isn't active anymore. But they said yes for us to come back and teach the lessons! woohoo! Then we had a lesson with the Sotts with our ward mission leader and then we went contacting with Bro.Hanks (yes,married to Sister Hanks) on some people but they were not home #StoryOfMyLife

Friday: District meeting always good!

Joke of the day "Which State is known for F1 driving and really bad jokes?" "Hugheston"

The funnier part was that Huston is a City not a state! Then after lunch we were contacting people we had a lesson with the Moncur's on following the prophet which went good.

Then the district went out to lunch to Jimmy John's (posh subway) i put my sandwich on the table and grabbed some water and then sat down to my sandwich so there I am about to take a bite of my sandwich and Sister Knight says "why is there avocado in my sandwich?" Turns out she was happily chomping into the sandwich that I had just bought! She asked if I wanted it, I said she was fine since she had already started it. Though Sister Knight's choice was really yummy it was so funny, Sister Knight said that she has never done that to anyone before! You know you're really good friends when you share food.

After lunch we contacted for a little bit. We then had a lesson with the Moncur's on following the prophet which went well after dinner we had a lesson with the Pond's on spiritual crocodiles which went really well. Then we had a lesson with our less active Shellie! She has been to church for the past 3 weeks and she is enjoying her new ward and she is on date to go to the temple in October :D love that lady,, we were talking about family history and she was getting excited. We used this video in the lesson, I loved this video, I just love the church videos they are sooo good!


Then we went to the Bishop's family and did a lesson on the plan of Salvation.

Saturday: I was on exchanges with Sister Knight, it really threw me off being with my old companion in a different area. We had a lesson in the morning which went okay. Then Sister Knight and I went to Jimmy John's for lunch and bought the sandwiches that we intended to have on Friday. Then we had a lesson and then some service. We met with Pres.Hicken to correlate which went well. After dinner we went and had an STL review and switched over to our normal companions and then Sister Owens went and did missionary paper work for the stake.


This was actually a pretty chilled Sunday for the first time ever. Just a couple of meetings and then sacraments. After dinner we had a lesson with the Orr family which went well. Then we went over to our 7th ward mission leaders house and correlated with him because he has been out of town for the past week because his daughter was playing in a football (english football) tournament.  Then we had a lesson with the Slaters on using talents.
I found this video this week and thought it was so cool!

The gospel can really change people.


So that was my week! Hope all is well with everyone back in Bonnie England!

Lots of love,

Sister Hughes xoxo


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